Nominated for 27 Screen Awards winning 3 for Best Writer/Camera:  Stroud’s film work has appeared on

numerous networks and in numerous festivals worldwide including: Discovery Channels

International, Science Channel, National Geographic, OLN, NHK and PBS.


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Exciting new series featured on Public Television by APT, starring "Survivorman" Les Stroud and Chef Paul Rogalski! Check your local PBS station for showtimes.

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Prepare, Survive, Recover. These are the three tenets of surviving natural disasters. Everything from earthquakes to floods, wildfires, tornados, hurricanes, blizzards and pandemics, all of which cause food and water shortages, power outages, and the loss of life is covered in this Les Stroud primer for how to handle an emergency situation. Airing in spring of 2021 on Public Television



One of the most important documentary series ever created chronicling the disappearing indigenous tribes from around the planet. WATCH NOW


The only non-sensationalized and most intelligent documentary series on the subject matter in existence, securing Stroud’s position as a go-to authority. WATCH NOW



After a deadly school shooting in a remote Canadian aboriginal community took the lives of four people and injured seven others, Les Stroud presents a healing opportunity for the students.  WATCH NOW


Over the course of two separate week-long recording sessions in a remote location titled Barn Sessions l & ll, Les Stroud brought together a talented group of musicians to camp together, eat together, live together, and record an album together. The result of which is this exceptional album considered by none other than Bruce Cockburn to be “Les' finest work for highlighting his song writing skills.A beautiful album”. WATCH NOW


No metal, no  matches, no plastic, no nylon. Les Stroud and his then wife attempt to spend a full year living off the land in remote northern Canada. This film was Les Stroud’s first documentary and its success set him on a path to become a celebrated documentary film maker for many years to follow. Take a trip with this couple into the beautiful and serene northern wilderness.