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The Toughest Challenges Lead To The Greatest Times of Growth

When Les Stroud started his adult life’s journey 40 years ago, his goal was to connect people with nature in the most authentic way possible. 

Through his adventures as Survivorman, he was chased by a jaguar, lived through frigid sub zero nights, and has kept himself alive on 6 continents.

And along the way, his work created and entirely new genre of television — Survival TV. His time in the wild brought with it lessons about finding true resilience when faced with challenges, tapping into creativity to innovate better solutions, and unlocking the limits of what’s possible. 

There is a Success Instinct™ inside of each of us that allows us to assess any situation, adjust our outlook, and trust in our instinctual knowledge to overcome challenges, innovate, and forge a path to a better future.

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Les anchors his stories of adventure and survival with universal lessons that can be applied at work and in life. He is excited to work with your team to customize an engaging program that fits your organization's goals and event theme.


7 Days, No Food, No Water, No Crew

Life Lessons from 30 Years of Survival Around The World

What I Learned While
Chased by a Jaguar

Take Action

What I Learned While
Surviving in the Arctic

Seize Opportunities

What I Learned While Almost Dying in Norway

Be Resilient

What I Learned While
Trying to Light a Fire for
11 Hour Straight


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About Les

Filmmaker | Keynote Speaker | Award-Winning Author and Musician

Les Stroud is best known as the producer, creator and star of the hit TV series Survivorman. Credited as the 'godfather' of the survival TV genre, Les is also an accomplished documentary film maker, and an award-winning author and musician.

Today, Les continues to captivate audiences as a global keynote speaker. Sharing exciting stories of survival in the wild, Les engages audiences with relevant lessons of how to tap into their own Success Instinct™ to overcome any challenge at work and in life.

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