Survivorman – Les Stroud
Survivorman – Season 2


Catch up on all of Stroud’s adventures in season two of “Survivorman” in this episode highlighting the most exciting segments this season and featuring amazing never-before-seen footage and additional survival tips.


The Cook Islands are situated about as far away from everywhere as you can possibly get; the middle of the South Pacific ocean. Being one of the most deceptive places on the planet, this tropical paradise hides some horribly unperceivable dangers including the world’s most venomous fish, the stone-fish. Stroud, equipped with only his scuba gear, is abandoned by his crew at sea to recreate a frightfully common occurrence; separated from your boat and left alone in the ocean waters. Utilizing a shipwreck on the beach of a small tropical island to live amongst the rats for 7 days, he uses his knowledge as a survival expert to make it through the week, alone. With a constant bombardment of tropical storms Les must gather food and collect rain water so that he may survive and make it home.


Alaska is known as the “Land of the Midnight Sun.” As Stroud enters an ocean bay called “Taroka Arm” by sea kayak, there’s only about four hours of twilight per day and he knows that Mother Nature is going to wreak havoc upon his internal clock. At this time of year, the salmon in this bay are active and so are the black bears and grizzlies, which Stroud will have to steer clear of if he’s going to make it through this week alive. This coastline has the second highest tides in the world and finding high, dry land is first priority after bear-watching. Stroud builds a shelter made from rubbish combed from the beach and then attempts to fight off hypothermia and the ever-present blackflies by making a fire. He then uses the primitive method of flint knapping to make a hook to attempt to catch salmon but, as the fish jump around the kayak without a single bite, Stroud is reminded once again that hunger doesn’t make fishing any easier.


Stroud arrives in the stunning, yet sizzling hot plains of South Africa via hot air balloon, and immediately must contend with the majestic lions and vicious hippos so feared by humans. Everyday Stroud is on the move, trying to survive on only one small bottle of water, a machete and his trusty multi-tool. Luckily, the rainy season brings more water to the area, but he must always stay alert to avoid the black mamba, Africa’s deadliest snake. The air balloon comes in handy, serving as a hammock and shelter but it won’t solve the problem of having no food.


Although snowmobiles are the main mode of travel in Labrador, dog sledding is the way Stroud will get around the freezing north. Even though he brought along a survival kit, including fishing supplies, duct tape, rope, his multi tool and a .22 rifle, he is still without the crucial essentials needed in Labrador forests in winter: matches and a pair of snowshoes. Unable to catch a break, Stroud hits a low point as he is forced to steal food from the dogs. When Stroud finds himself completely stranded due to a rapid thaw and unable to continue on his journey, his only hope is to turn to the skies. Will Survivorman have to call it quits for the first time?


With temperatures on the sand reaching 60 C, Stroud has his work cut out for him in the scorching red sands of the Kalahari Desert. With only enough water for four days, Stroud mimics the Bushmen and sits still in the shade during daylight. Night is another story, however, when temperatures drop to as low as 7 C. Can Stroud survive on locust and scorpions, or will he have to surrender to the sand?


In the dangerous depths of the Amazon Rainforest lurk predators of all shapes and sizes. Just one touch from the poisonous spiders, army ants and caterpillars can kill and the constant rain and humidity do not make matters any better. After brushing up on wilderness and hunting tactics from the skilled Waorani tribe, Stroud will have to survive on next to nothing while capturing it all with the camera equipment he lugs around.

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