Musician and star of the hit TV series Survivorman, Les Stroud is a celebrated and captivating keynote speaker.

Les anchors his tales on his life experiences and pulls from them lessons of building a career and striving towards success while overcoming obstacles. It is quite simply a message of passion. Passion for life. Passion for success. Passion for adventure.

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 Les, Lunch was abuzz with talk about how I could not have picked a better speaker. The compelling nature you deliver with, your passion and believability was just wicked.

Let’s queue up the meetings to discuss how I can help you bring your brand to market and monetize.

In conjunction, let’s explore how our Living Progress Agenda which has a large focus on the Sustainability Agenda. Perhaps we can look at how we help, together, not just from a Canadian perspective, but on a Global level?

I don’t have a contact # for you, maybe that’s by design. Just let me know how best to continue the dialogue?

Thank you, thank you very much!!!


Charles E. Atkinson

“Les Stroud awakened the best in the human spirit July 4th weekend, at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY where he took workshop participants on a journey both inside the classroom, through storytelling, music, and film. Outside the classroom, on the trails, they built shelters, located medicinal plants, and were guided on how to commune with nature via grounding and centering techniques. Die-hard Survivorman fans, and those new to his work, both delighted in the Les’s passion for the planet, his artistic talent & the deep wisdom he’s come to through years of surviving in the wild.”

Maureen Drake

“Les Stroud has a talent of reaching out and connecting with people in a very grounded way. The program did what it said, but well exceeded it by surprising with great every day spirituality.

As a role model to so many, your depth and enthusiasm to grapple with the deeper philosophical, sociological, and psychological aspects of our conference made the difference between a great presentation and a truly excellent one.”

Brad McLain

“Very open, down to earth guy. Les is the real deal and exactly what the world needs more of.”



“I cannot say enough about Les. His knowledge, experience, passion and energy is incredible. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire workshop and wouldn’t hesitate for a second to join him again. I left energized and peaceful with wonderful new insights into my place on this earth.”

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