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Survivorman - Les Stroud
Survivorman - Les Stroud
Stage techs are the underappreciated heroes of great performances …..L #MusicMonday #lesstroud #survivorman
Survivorman - Les Stroud
Survivorman - Les Stroud added 2 new photos.
What 3 items would you chose for survival.... IF you had the choice? ~ Web Girl

#survivorman #lesstroud #challengedbythemaster
Joseph McConnell Camillus Brand Helle Knives
Survivorman - Les Stroud
Survivorman - Les Stroud
As one goes through life one learns that if you don't paddle your own canoe, you don't move ~ Katherine Hepburn
#fridayfeeling #survivorman #SMTV
Survivorman - Les Stroud
Survivorman - Les Stroud

I promised great things were coming and I will not let you down. I am producing a video to explain things in detail to you all and should launch that within 3 weeks. But in the mean time I figured I would go from just teasing you to giving you some info about what I’m up to!
Musically speaking I am on fire! For the #stroudcrowd (Hi you guys!) I have TWO brand new albums coming out imminently. The first one is another in my string of “Barn Sessions” CD’s recorded at my house studio in Northern, Ontario. This one comes with a twist: for the first time in a long time I have incorporated some killer covers – done entirely differently – along with my originals. Songs by Joni Mitchell Ben Harper JJ Cale and Bruce Cockburn I also have guest appearance performances by Canadian talents: Oh Susanna and Justin Rutledge. We are closing in on the artwork and expect to launch this first album within weeks. The second album is the very ambitious rock album called Survivorman’s Mother Earth and features guest appearances by Slash and Steve Vai . BOTH albums are focused on celebrating nature and connecting to the earth and both albums will have certain causes associated with them as beneficiaries. Here's a track from that album thats out now: Naturally along with this music comes as much touring as I can make happen. That's been an uphill climb but I’m cresting the hill now and ready to rock in as many towns as possible!
I’m working on a new book too! Survivorman; You Sweat You Die The rise and fall of survival TV. Oh yes – lots of juicy insiders stories for you in this one!
I’m travelling as a ‘naturalist in residence’ on the Maple Leaf sail boat for a special trip April 27th
and although my stint on the Aggressor Sri Lanka was cancelled due to boat mechanical issues, I will no doubt be rescheduling that trip. I am also so very thrilled to be on board Adventure Canada’s Heart of the Arctic trip: Again as ‘naturalist guide’ along with performing musically. Along these lines I have a number of appearances and ‘keynote’ presentations including the picture below with Llyn Cedar Roberts .

You can also keep in touch with my web site tour dates page to know where I am and what is happening.

Man I was so jazzed this year to have played harmonica for Jonny Lang, Journey, Dave Mason and Randy Houser live in concert! What a blast those shows were and I expect to play more this year.
So the BIG news? I am launching SMTV. My very own web based channel. Don't think Youtube – think more like Netflix or Amazon or Hulu – EXCEPT – that this will be YOU and ME. “User driven content”. You want more Surviorman – you got it! More Bigfoot – yep! Detailed personal how-to instructional clips by me – absolutely! Behind the scenes, never before seen footage, archival material, even directors commentaries on my own work as well as the massive amounts of survival type tv shows that have been trying to copy me for years – all gonna be there. More music of course – including a new podcast interview series hosted by me including various artists in performance! And I plan on doing a survival podcast too! A channel dedicated to environmental films. A dedicated 360 VR channel so you can look around at the bush I’m surviving in! Its time folks. I’ve invested in the technology. No more waiting for TV networks to air something. No more hold backs on what I can give you creatively and in detail. This is all about you and me and its gonna be inexpensive too! Less than the price of a cup of coffee gets you all my attention and dedication to providing as much content I can physically manage to produce. And there will be an even smaller special rate for outers clubs, scouting clubs, military academy’s, college outdoors clubs etc. I expect this to launch likely March 1st! Get ready – if you are an uber Survivorman fan this will be for you.
Ill be asking only that you buy me a cup of coffee each month – that's it – and then we get busy and I bring you what you have been already asking for!!
Survivorman - Les Stroud
Survivorman - Les Stroud
This can be extremely painful but always allows for the quickest recovery. Do not attempt this procedure unless you have had proper wilderness first-aid instruction ......L

#wednesdaywisdom #survivorman #lesstroud

As Les travels the world one thing that remains important to him is keeping in touch with his fans and fellow survivors. Les and his team are constantly thinking of new ways to engage with followers and give you the most honest and interesting  updates, news and exclusive media you could hope to find.