The Sea Shepherd's Farley Mowat.

Les Stroud takes his activism efforts to the seas by helping the crew of the Sea Shepherd collect illegal fishing nets.

Les has returned from his mission aboard the Sea Shepherd’s Farley Mowat.




Illegal fishing nets, late nights and an up and close encounter with a whale.




To hear more about his time in detail watch his exclusive interview with Collective Evolution here. 




We know a lot of you heard your questions answered live via Periscope. But for those of you who missed it, check out Les’s Q&A on deck of the Farley Mowat.

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Global Chorus

If we live with Armageddon as our compass bearing then Armageddon is what we will surely find. If we envision a world with flourishing ecosystems and cultural diversity, then we shall have these. We can create anything we want. I have traveled to the remote corners of the earth and found plastic floating in the water but I have flown all day over jungles and landed in areas where there are still undiscovered species of wildlife. The efforts of government to be environmentally responsible miss the big beast of industry. But there comes a small moment in time when the tipping point towards what is right and good is reached. So what should the healthy continuation of our species on this planet look like? One person. It starts in the form of one person making a change and adjusting their very own life into one that seeks to live in harmony with the planet. The simple energy of one person is enough to change the entire planet. But it would be too little too late. So now each individual person must learn to work with others until the combined positive energy overrides the destruction and downward spiraling path the health of the planet has taken. The revolution that will come from today’s children will be an environmental one. When the greater consciousness of individuals outnumbered the supporters of slavery, it was abolished. The beliefs of greed and environmental destruction must share the same fate as slavery. Shift your energy now towards securing the future of cultural diversity and the health of the physical manifestation of Mother Earth; our planet.  I used to scoff a little at what I thought was a quaint phrase: ‘Think globally, act locally’. I am humbled now. For it is still the answer. One final thought: garbage should be illegal. We have the technology.

– Les Stroud –